Saturday, 31 October 2009

Day 4

Another early start, this time I got away from Banbury at 7.40. Engine running great again though loads of leaves around which needed frequent clearing from the prop. Having Hamish along was a tremendous help and we got through the locks much quicker than single handing. He also introduced me to Biltong, a South African meat thing. Very morish & we snacked as we cruised. Had the first stop after 3 1/2 hrs to brew fresh coffe & visit the loo. By this stage we'd reached Aynho & I'm begining to recognise place names.

I knew I wasn't going to make Oxford in time so stopped at lower heyford at 2pm to get a lift from mortimor bones to my childrens' Halloween party. Made it in time & I was so pleased to see them again.
So far I've notched up 21.7 engine hours, I pulled campanula through a few locks with engine off at times so travelling time probably more.

So tomorrow it's about 7 hours to Oxford. I reckon I need to leave at 7am to get back for the afternoon.

Been in such a dash today I didn't make more of an effort to take photos. Got one of Hamish skippering away though.

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