Thursday, 29 October 2009

Day 2.

What an introduction. Started well with good lock free cruise getting used to the boat. Went a bit slow at first (got overtaken twice!) then got the hang of it. Set off at 8 and got to first napton lock at 11.41. Cleared the locks in 2hrs20. Loads of people coming down so lots of locks ready. I only had to do one on my own. Most people really helpful, just one overkeen couple who janked the paddles straight up, bam, into the gate - thanks!

Loads of hire boats out & a real mix of experience & disaster zones. Twice when trying to pass, the hired hogged the middle of the cut, I thought one was heading straight for me but moved at the last minute.

Last two hours very stressful. The water light came on quickly followed by belch of steam from engine. Before I picked the boat up, Dave from braunston left the clutter out of the engine room saying "I didn't put it back because the engine room is for the engine." I learnt what he meant. Trying to declutter before getting to boards is not funny when there's steam underneath. It calmed down quickly & after time to cool I refilled system & checked for leaks. Nothing obvious though took two kettles of water to refill. It was fine on startup and I let it run awhile before setting off, this time with no clutter & the engine board off so I could keep an eye. Got a good hour and half more before a slight hiss started & this time I was straight into the towpath & engine off. Not wanting a cooked engine. In the morning I'll check all the hose connections & do another refill before setting off.

So managed 7 hrs of cruising, wasted hour on engine cooldown & checking & had to stop early because of second over-heating. Did some cruising in the dark for a while which was very nice. The moon was my friend & lit up the water nicely.

So I need to do 11 hours tomorrow to get back on schedule. Hmm, early night called for.

Away we go - leaving Braunston.

Coming out of wigrams, grand union meets Oxford canal

Lots of beasts!

Psyching myself up for the first set of locks at napton.

Here we go!

The best three quid I ever spent!

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  1. Gosh, sounds like an exciting first day! i hope the engine toubles aren't too troublesome!