Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Day 1

So, end of day one and no cruising yet. The engine needed some additional work (minor servicing stuff) & it took a bit longer than expected to sort. I could have spent my first hour on the cut in barely light but thought that was very silly. I'd rather be alive than brave.

Still, I have managed to introduce myself to most of the boat systems. I even had my first whoops moment when, as I was tying up to put some diesel in, I heard a splash and saw a ripple where something had once been. Panic! Phone? No, wallet? Nope, keys, no, what was it? Then I noticed the end of the rope had fallen in. A salutory lesson. I boarded camanula and emptied pockets of everything & stowed all away safely.

Then of course the loo is required and a quick scurrying to find the manual, open here, pour there, click that, press that - quick! I need to go now! Still, will be quicker next time round.

Then the man-job of lighting fires. I won't say how many times it took but the previous owner kindly left lots of old used papers which were very useful.

I was introduced to the waterpipe to go and fill my water tank. Excellent, a hose on board, off we go unpacking hose, opening water tank, winding hose to tap. No tap connector! Wind hose up again close water tank and hope there's enough for a day until the next place.

So because of the lack of progress it's early to bed and set off at first light. Cropredy in a day? Let's see!


  1. Hi

    Glad you're having fun on your first day. We shall be following with interest. Don't worry about the fire, you'll find there's a bit of a knack with it. Once you find the knack, you'll have it lit in minutes.

    Good luck and happy cruising.

    Debbie & Bill
    NB Humdinger (not yet finished!)

  2. Cropredy in a day. Of course easy drive in your Alpha?

    Oh in your boat! Nah!

  3. i love the idea of you trying to work the loo out!!! Fantastic.