Sunday, 1 November 2009

The home run

So this was it, the final lap, the home run, or whatever the boating equivilent is. Started off at 7.30 am from Lower Heyford. Though I should say eventually set off. The rain was pouring & the wind was blowing. I had moored opposite a lovely boat owned by the lady who lived in the house adjoing. I took off the bow rope and pushed out slightly. By the time I reached tte stern the bow was across the cut & just about to hit her boat. More than a bit windy!

This marked the start of things to come!

Thankfully I got a phone call offering PJs help. we managed the rest pretty easily and moored up in port meadow just before 4pm.

Again, because of the rush in getting back I neglected to take photos. Got one of captain pj though.

The final lock - a mixture of relief & exhaustion.

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